A Look at the Feucht’s Almost Finished House!

February 9th, 2006

I received a request from one of my sisters to see pictures of my parents’ house now that most of it is remodeled. While the kitchen, the guest bathroom, and the kid’s bathroom are all complete, the master bathroom is still a work in progress. Here’s what it looks like now:

They ripped out the old carpet, put in floor tiles, and repainted the old cabinets. They also took out of the old countertop and sinks, replaced the sinks, and now the countertop is just waiting for new faucets and granite!

They took out the old faucets, added new ones and added a hand shower in the soak tub.

Ready for granite to complete this bathroom!

A new chandalier!

Tiles finished in kid’s bathroom, towel bars installed.

Mom and Dad have all their stuff in this bathroom as they wait for the master bathroom to be finished.

Patrick enjoys being in Oma and Opa’s house!

New lighting fixtures in the dining room have been installed

Kitchen feels more homey as little touches are added throughout

Pictures and other decorations have added to the guest bathroom

There you go! That’s how the house looks now. Of course pictures can’t do justice, so you’ll have to come out and see the house for yourself!

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  1. Diane Feucht says

    Wow the house looks amazing! I’m excited to come see it! 🙂

    February 9th, 2006 | #

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