Patrick On Path to Becoming a Good Presbyterian!

February 17th, 2006

I just have a funny little story: Today I was reading Patrick one of his books, “What Makes a Rainbow”, a cute little board book that goes through all the colors that make up a rainbow using brightly colored ribbons. At the end of the book a big rainbow pops up, and the few times I’ve read the book in the past I’ve always asked him who made the rainbow and told him that God is the one who made it. Well, today we read the book twice, and both times when I asked Patrick who made the rainbow, he answered right away with the word “Gaw”. Patrick hardly ever uses the “g” sound, so it got my attention right away. Also, if you know anything about kids his age, they have a hard time ending words with consonant sounds, so when he says “ball” it sounds like “baa” and “duck” sounds like “duu”. I don’t know if Patrick really understood what he was saying today when he answered my question with “Gaw” both times, but it was sure cute!!!


  1. Diane Feucht says

    Wow that is a covenant child for ya. 🙂

    February 18th, 2006 | #

  2. Rachel anne says

    AWWW!! patrick is as smart.. never fails to impress! how is everything going at home? hope you are doing alright!

    February 19th, 2006 | #

  3. Godith says

    Prayers for the grandchildren already being answered! Love, Grama

    February 21st, 2006 | #

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