We’re in TEXAS!

May 7th, 2006

So far our trip to Texas has been lots of fun. The plane trip was a little hard, having a very active boy. We somehow managed to keep Patrick entertained the whole 4 hours, though at times it really was a stretch. It has taken us two days to fully recover from that trip… it wore Andrew and I out a lot more than it did Patrick!!!!

 Yesterday was full of garage saling, going to a mall, and Andrew and I doing a little bit of exploring. I got a couple of really nice things that I needed at garage sales, such as a book off my amazon wishlist that I’ve wanted for a while and some cute maternity/nursing pj’s. One person just gave me a maternity outfit for free when she saw me walk up! We also got the cutest little folding chair for Patrick and a blue Baby GAP sweater that looked brand new… I love finding good deals at garage sales!!!!

 Today we went to the Lucart’s church. They attend a PCA in Dallas called Park Cities Presbyterian Church. It’s a beautiful church and reminds me very much of Fourth Presbterian in Bethesda, MD, where Andrew and I attended for about 6 months. We put Patrick in the nursery there… they had 5 different rooms just for toddlers up to 2 years old, there are so many kids at that church! The people in the nursery told us afterward that Patrick was a “delight”, and when we went to pick him up he looked so cute in a little yellow hard hat pushing a little popper machine.

 Patrick is being spoiled to death by his Great Aunt and Uncle and his three cousins. We find that Patrick has the energy level that Cousin Daniel had growing up, the same second hair swirl in front that Cousin Adam has, and he loves playing with Cousin Laura. He also loves Trooper, the German Shepherd mix, though he is still a little intimidated when he gets doggie kisses. He loves playing with all the balls they have… softballs, soccer balls, basket balls… far more than we have at home. Patrick has become so enthralled with balls that he will point to balls on his clothing now and look at them with a sense of happiness. I’ve decided that we should probably decorate his new bedroom with a generic baseball theme because he’s going to have a “ball” being in that room!

The weather the past two days has been warm and breezy, by WA standards, and we’ve had a little bit of very refreshing rain. By Tuesday the weather should be going up to 90 degrees, and I have a feeling that we’re all going to melt! Patrick has a swimming suit though, and I hope I can get him to enjoy a little time outside in their pool. Andrew starts his conference on Monday, and Patrick and I have a whole week of relaxation, sunshine and fun with the Lucarts ahead of us!

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    I am jealous :'(

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