More Remodeling

December 23rd, 2005

Here are some changes from earlier in the week.

Hanging pennant lights. I helped Mom pick these out!

Beadboard is finished in the corridor.

Someone stripped out all the carpet in the master bath so they can replace it with a tile floor.

The stove is back again.

Crown molding in the den.

Wood paneling in the front entryway

More wood paneling in the front entryway

Beadboard is finished and toilet is now placed in downstairs bathroom.

Refrigerator is in place.

More pictures to come soon. They’re tiling the Kid’s bathroom and it looks beautiful! Our family wishes you all a very merry Christmas!

Patrick Shows Dislike for Microsoft

December 19th, 2005

Here are a couple of pictures to show that, even at his young age, Patrick has already learned to dislike Microsoft, no doubt thanks to silly Grandpa.

Here is Patrick taking a bite out of the MSDN guy, which Andrew brought home from his Microsoft Conference in Los Angeles.

Sweet, Adorable Patrick is Ready for Christmas!

December 19th, 2005

Here are some very cute pictures of Little Patrick for a flavor of the holiday cheer we’re having over at our house!

Things are Coming Together for the Feuchts!

December 19th, 2005

These are several pictures of what my parents’ house looked like last week. Since then, there have been many changes again, and I will update this as soon as I get more pictures. Things are really coming along!

Here is Patrick with Oma. Whenever Oma is around, Patrick demands that she holds him. He immediately gets very upset if Oma puts him down or tries to leave. I think he might like her more than Mommy, but I think understand why… Oma has all the presents and none of the disciplining!

Crown molding around the top.

Beadboard in the corridor.

Beadboard in the guest bathroom.

A new set of glass globes for the guest bathroom.

Beautfiul new cabinets in the guest bathroom.

This is what you see when you exit my parents’ room.

Staircase getting ready for a paint job.

This Christmas our halls are lined with tarps and painters tape instead of holly…

So much has happened since these pictures… I must go back soon and get more!!!

Patrick is the Best and More Changes in the Feucht Haus.

December 13th, 2005

Here are just a few pictures from last week.

Patrick being silly. Patrick brings much laughter to our little family, and he’s the sweetest little boy I have ever seen! Quick story… in the nursery on Sunday there was a little boy that was about Patrick’s age, who was already showing signs of aggression. He repeatedly hit a certain little girl and then bit her finger. You could actually see anger pulsing through this little boy’s body. Several times he deliberately came over to pick on this certain girl, who was too young to even crawl! Patrick, however, loves playing with the other little kids. He loves sharing his toys with others and is very happy-go-lucky. He loves to smile at people and receive attention. He is the best little baby boy in the whole wide world!

Here is the completely finished hardwood floor. It’s nice and shiny!

Here, the dishwasher, the trash compactor, and the stainless steel sink have been put in place. We’re still waiting on the granite, though, to finish up this area!

Here, the microwave, oven, and warmer have all been installed. Next to be installed is the refrigerator!!!

They painted the guest bathroom a sage green!

I went over to Mom’s house yesterday. They were painting the upstairs bathroom, putting cabinets into the downstairs bathroom, and putting up crown molding in the kitchen. Everything is coming together so beautifully. Stay tuned for more pictures!!!

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