December 30th, 2009

Rachel’s wedding is three days from today.

I just finished the final touches on the flower girl dress and doing the alterations on the bride’s dress today (talk about pressure!!!)

Family and friends are starting to arrive in town tonight.

There is much left to be done before the big day.

I am going to need a vacation when this is over!

Pictures to follow when I have a moment to breathe….

So Busy!

December 15th, 2009

So, just a quick update- THINGS ARE REALLY BUSY AROUND HERE!

Between taking care of four boys and a puppy, preparing for Christmas and Rachel’s wedding, and organizing a yarn co-op I’ve been keeping myself very occupied. I’ve given up the idea of even sending out Christmas cards this year, and I will probably be late sending out the Christmas gifts I embroidered, too, because it’s taking me forever to snip all the jump threads and wrap them all.

On the plus side, I finally finished Ethan’s Christmas longies today. I made a matching pair for Liam, which I had finished all the way back in November. Now they will be able to match. I’d love to make Liam a little skull hat out of the same yarn, but good luck to me trying to find the time!

I cannot wait for this crazy, busy time to be over. When it’s all done I want a vacation!!!

(and I promise I will post pictures and videos of the kids’ Christmas program at a later date, I can’t even find my camera right now in all the chaos!)

Mosaic Moon Yarn Co-op

December 3rd, 2009

I’m not sure if anyone who reads this might be interested, but I’m currently doing a hand-dyed yarn co-op with Mosaic Moon, which is one of my absolute favorite yarn dyers. This is my first co-op with them and I’m a little nervous about meeting the minimum orders. So, I thought I might just put this out there that I have some amazing yarn available for sale, in case anyone might be interested. You can find the prices of the yarn here and the colorways that we’re ordering here. 50% of the price of the yarn will be due on December 18th and the remainder will be due when the yarn is complete, in mid-January. As someone who is always on the lookout for some of these colorways, this is an amazing opportunity!