Quick Update

January 25th, 2008

Things have been pretty busy around here for the past week. I’ve begun working on a new project… painting our family room. I’ve been doing a lot of taping. Tomorrow Andrew is going to help me fix up the walls, and then we’re pulling out the paint! Pictures of that whole mess to come later ;o).

Here’s picture highlights of the past week:


Ethan being cute and smiley for Mommy… he’s doing great after the operation!


Three boys enjoying their time with Daddy!


Ethan was able to have a play date with Kaiya while their mommies worked on crocheting burp cloths!


Sammy, cute as always, turned 18 months on Thursday!!!

Ethan Gets Fixed

January 15th, 2008

Today Ethan got fixed… well, I guess more correctly, Ethan had an inguinal hernia repair operation. It was a very straight forward surgery, and the little guy got through it very well, even though he didn’t really enjoy having surgery. He didn’t like being starved beforehand, and he didn’t like it when the post-op nurses tried to give him a bottle and swaddle him tightly afterwards. He also didn’t like being connected to an IV and a vital stats monitor, and several times managed to yank the monitor off his toe. But he did like snuggling up in a big armchair with Mommy once we got into our hospital room, and he REALLY liked it when he got some Tylenol and was then bundled up to go home. He even gave a couple great big smiles on the way out!

For memories’ sake, I took a couple of pictures of him once the surgery was over and he was recovering in the room. Doesn’t he look good for a little guy who has just had surgery???


Nice and cozy warm in the hospital crib


All hooked up :o(

The Answer…

January 11th, 2008

Well, the theme of our boys’ names isn’t that obvious… so I don’t feel so bad that we didn’t realize it either. We did get one person to figure it out. That person was Grandma Flanagan! Everyone else, including me, should probably begin brushing up on our US History.

Patrick Henry. Samuel Adams. Ethan Allen. The names of three very important figures during the Revolutionary War. The suggestions for future children? George (Washington), Ben (Franklin), Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton), Benedict (Uh Oh!), Paul (Revere), Abigail (Adams), Elizabeth (Betsy Ross). If anyone else has any good suggestions now that you know the theme, feel free to let us know!!!

A Game Just For Fun

January 9th, 2008

Patrick. Samuel. Ethan. These three names have something very definite in common, other than the fact that they all have two syllables and are the names of the three cutest boys I know! The ironic thing is that Andrew and I didn’t even realize this common theme between the three names until someone pointed it out to us. We used Patrick and Samuel because they were family names, and Ethan because we liked it. But apparently someone thought it very obvious that there was a general theme going with the names we were using, so I thought I’d play a little game to see if it was that obvious to anyone else!

Here’s the game: Without googling it (I know it’s tempting… instant info at your fingertips!) guess what the commonality is between the three names, and then give us some suggestions to keep the theme going by giving us suggestions for a girl’s name and a boy’s name for our next child! So, leave us a comment if you think you know the answer. I changed the settings so that the comments won’t appear right away, so I can give everyone a chance to guess!

Much Needed Update

January 8th, 2008

Things have been very busy at our house, naturally, with three little boys to take care of. There has been much that has happened though, so I’m going to go through a quick overview of some of the bigger news items!

~ Andrew and I got each other one very big Christmas gift this year: a new mattress and box spring. Our last mattress once belonged to the minister of the church we attended in VA, and the box spring once belonged to one of the elders of that same church. The box spring was falling apart, and the mattress would give me terrible back pain, especially while pregnant. So, for a couple years now we’ve been contemplating the purchase of a nicer mattress, and this year we took the plunge and bought a Tempur-Pedic. And I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels!

~ For Christmas, we bought the boys three puppies… stuffed animal puppies, that is. We had them poking their little heads out of the boys’ stockings on Christmas morning… it was really cute. Patrick also got a really neat little book about dogs, but as for real live animals… we thought about it, but we decided that we really aren’t ready for a pet. A few days before Christmas some people were selling the cutest little Golden Retriever puppies out of their car on Meridian, and we went to have a look. They were darling little puppies, and I would have loved to have one, but I think we realized that three boys are enough work as it is. We decided we’re going to stick with our original plan and wait until we’re done having babies before we contemplate adding a furry member to our family.


~ Patrick is becoming such a big boy. He recently had a growth spurt, and he’s getting so tall! He’s also becoming very interesting in the world around him. He loves looking at books, especially ones on animals and rocks, and he’s very good with his colors. His favorite colors are blue and orange, and he loves to dress himself in the morning, usually trying to wear those two colors!!! He’s also becoming very helpful around the house. Just yesterday he helped me sort my laundry into lights and darks! He’s been showing a greater interest in Sammy… they play together all the time. He is also very concerned that we give Sammy the same treatment we give him… for instance, if Patrick gets a banana or soy milk, he will be very upset unless we are sure to give some to Sammy, too. Sammy couldn’t ask for a better older brother!

~ Sammy has been doing a lot of growing himself. He’s been walking for a month now, and he’s gotten to be very good at it. He can now pull himself up to standing position by himself, without the aid of a wall or furniture. He loves to smile and laugh, and every time we put him in the nursery we get glowing reports on how sweet and cute he was for everyone. He loves attention and he eats it right up! Sammy’s favorite thing to do during the day is to eat… he’s much more interested in food than Patrick was at his age. However, he’s also been a very obedient child… much more than Patrick was at this age. We only have to usually tell him “no” once, and he immediately obeys. I’m sure this will change as he gets a little bit older, but for now we’re thankful that he’s a very good little boy so far!

~ Ethan is now two months old, and he’s very cute. He’s got a very soft little head, which has lost a lot of his fuzzy newborn hair (which is quite normal, but still kind of sad!). Like his brothers, he’s also been growing a ton! This past week I put away all his newborn-sized clothes. I remember how they use to hang off him, and now most of them are too small! He saw the doctor a week ago, and he weighed in at 9 lb, 5 oz and was 21 inches tall. He’s in the 5th percentile for weight and height, but considering that he was a month early, that shouldn’t be too surprising. He’s begun to sleep longer at nighttime… we’ve had a few 9 and 10 hour stretches lately, which has been absolutely wonderful for me… I’m starting to feel less and less like a zombie these days!!!

~ Unlike the boys, I have NOT been growing, thank goodness. My weight has continued to go down, despite the holidays and the abundance of fattening foods that have been consumed lately. I haven’t found myself with a ton of spare time on my hands… three boys have been quite the handful. My latest hobbies, if you’ve read my personal blog, have been to cloth diaper the boys and to come up with good recipes to freeze for doing once a month cooking. Between caring for the boys and doing housework, I’ve been very occupied.

~Andrew has been doing really well, too. He’s been doing extra work in his free time for his friend, Bill, which he seems to really be enjoying because he’s been learning a new computer language (if I understood everything he tells me correctly!). He’s also been very helpful with the boys and with helping around the house. It seems like there’s always something to do around here… our next big project is to paint our main living room. Andrew had recently wired in speakers and mounted our TV on the wall, and since Walmart no longer sells the paint color that the previous owners had used in that room, and since we have very little of that paint left, we decided to pick a new color and start afresh! This will allow us the ability to accentuate the trayed ceiling! So… more pictures to come on that later.

Anyways, that’s about it for now! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

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