May 29th, 2009


Patrick wearing Andrew’s shirt (backwards and inside out, of course!) and jeans


Ethan found half a bag of coffee beans in the freezer and thought it would be fun to pour them all out. He then proceeded to bat them around the kitchen floor, watching with glee as they scattered all over the place as I furiously attempted to clean them up.


I forgot to lock our pantry door, and Sammy realized my mistake. He took a brand new loaf of bread, and, well, you can see what he and Ethan did with it…


We had bread spread throughout the entire downstairs. It was a mess, all on the freshly steam-cleaned carpets. Thankfully it was only bread, and not the jelly or peanut butter instead…

A Walk on a Sunny Day

May 27th, 2009

On Monday we took a little walk along Ruston Way. The boys had a blast



It’s so nice to have sun again!!!

Evenly Weighted

May 7th, 2009

Today I weighed all three boys on our bathroom scale. They were exactly 9 lbs apart from each other.

Patrick was 40 lbs

Sammy was 31 lbs

Ethan was 22 lbs

I just thought it was funny. I’m not sure how much longer their weights will be so evenly distributed, so I thought I’d mention it 😀 The only one who doesn’t fit the pattern is Baby #4, who should weigh a little over 2 lbs by now. But we’ll cut him some slack. Afterall, I’d rather not have a 13 lb baby in my belly right now!!!

Ethan’s 18 Month Checkup

May 6th, 2009

I am a little behind on blogging, but on Friday of last week Ethan had his 18 month checkup. Everything went well, and Ethan looks healthy. When the doctor came in the first thing he did was try to give Ethan a hug, to which the little rascal broke out into tears!!! Later, however, when Ethan got his two shots he didn’t so much as give a wimper or a watery eye- he just sort of looked at the nurse giving him the shots and seemed to say, “meh, this is nothing compared to what my brothers do to me at home!”. I seriously wanted to laugh. The strangest part of the visit, however, was looking at Ethan’s growth chart. Ethan has always been on the small side, but for some reason he’s really shot up in the height department. He’s in the 75th percentile for height! And this is not counting the fact that he was 3 1/2 weeks early, so he’s a little behind most normal 18 month olds. Patrick was always average and Sammy was always short, and if you look at Andrew and I, well, I’m below average in height and Andrew is about average. So I’m not sure how Ethan has managed to become tall. His weight, however, continues to be a different matter- he’s in about the 7th percentile for that. So, tall and skinny. It’s really funny how you expect that three boys coming from the same two parents would all be similarly proportioned, but we have the always average Patrick, the short and chunky Sammy, and now the tall and skinny Ethiebear. It really makes me wonder what #4 is going to look like!!!

A Good Sleeper

May 3rd, 2009

All my boys have been very good sleepers, but this one takes the cake. Now that Ethan is sleeping in a toddler bed in the boys’ room, nap time has become a little hard. Sammy and him sometimes take naps at the same time and sometimes they don’t if Ethan is being too fussy before lunch and he gets an early naptime. The logistics have been difficult, and so for three or four days in a row now I’ve had Sammy sleep on the couch in our downstairs reading room if Ethan is napping so they don’t wake or keep each other up. Sammy has done wonderfully and has fallen asleep right away every time, despite the fact that it’s the room with all the fun books and has no doors, so he can easily escape. Further, he has older brother sticking graham crackers under his nose while he’s sleeping and it doesn’t phase him one bit. I am so grateful that he can sleep so easily in this room because it makes naptime so much easier for me to handle 🙂