Getting Out…

April 23rd, 2009

On Monday and Tuesday the weather was warm and beautiful, so I decided to skip the laundry and get the boys outside in the sunshine. On Tuesday we just did the local park, since Patrick had to go to preschool at noon, but on Monday we went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo. The boys seemed to really enjoy the aquarium, Ethan especially. He got very excited when he saw all the big fish and SHARKS! The boys also really enjoyed the new kid zone that they have there, complete with jungle gyms and a petting zoo. Now that I realize that’s open I think we’ll be coming back at least a couple more times this summer. The boys even all rode the carousel, Ethan included, and Ethan did not want to leave when the ride was over. He was begging to get back on the horse!!!

Anyways, I don’t have a ton of pictures from our zoo trip since I spent most of the time pushing strollers and making sure boys didn’t get lost, but here’s what I have!


Yum Yum Yum! Three boys in the tum! (I am pretty sure my parents have a picture of us as kids standing behind this prop many many years ago…)




Ethan was very fascinated by the whole thing


Watching the penquins (who were not nearly as exciting as the tiger, according to Patrick!)


Look, we actually got these two to ride the carousel on a horse instead of a bench!


And, Ethan? I had a hard time pulling him off the ride!


Oh, and for Uncle Jonny- Sammy rode the husky, the mascot of UW. Ethan rode the Cougar, which is WSU’s mascot, but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen 😉

Also,  a little thing I learned about the Pt. Defiance Zoo- get there early on a weekday- for a lot of the animals we were almost the only ones there. It was great. I hate large crowds at things like that. I also packed light and used the umbrella stroller, which made things a lot easier than taking the double stroller. Sammy needs to learn that he needs to walk now, anyways, because soon we won’t be able to give him anymore free rides 😛

Our Easter

April 13th, 2009

This year I was definitely not prepared for Easter. In the past I’ve gone through great lengths to get a fancy dinner on the table, make up Easter baskets and decorate the house. This year I did pull out a few Easter items, like the wreath and Easter baskets, but everything else ended up being unused. On Easter morning I woke up a little later than I had hoped with a messy house, three dirty boys, and a dinner to make, but somehow it turned out in the end. Instead of the usual ham, scalloped potatoes and dilly beans we had a simple brunch including cinnamon rolls, a sausage, egg and potato breakfast scramble, fruit salad, and a few other things. For the first time since we were married jello eggs were not included in the menu. The boys had a blast with an indoor egg hunt (since it was raining outside), and they finished the day off being hopped up on sugar. Here are the pictures from our day!


The older brothers


Spending time with Daddy!


Our Easter brunch


Silly Uncle Jonny


Sword/Light Saber fight


Waiting upstairs while Daddy and Uncle Jonny hide the eggs


Ethan starts out a little unsure…


…and then he finds an egg


Patrick finding eggs in the bookcase


No fair! Egg hidden out of reach!


Yay for Easter eggs!!!


Ethan attempts to eat candy with the wrapper still on


Silly little boys


Pigging out…


Again, Sammy fills his cheeks like a hampster

It was actually funny because Andrew and Jonny found a way to prolong the Easter egg hunt and make it more fair to Sammy and Ethan. When the boys came down, Patrick was able to quickly fill his basket before the other boys could really get going. So, while Patrick wasn’t watching, Jonny and Andrew would sneak a few eggs out of Patrick’s basket and rehide them. It make the search for eggs a lot more fun for all the boys, but don’t tell Patrick what they did!!! 🙂

Playing Catch-up

April 13th, 2009

Here are a some pictures that we took before Easter. I’ll try to get to the Easter pictures later today or maybe tomorrow 🙂


Ethan figured out how to get behind the fireplace screen and closed himself in. We don’t actually need a screen since we don’t have a real fireplace, so this might have to go to the garage for a while so he doesn’t hurt himself- it’s HEAVY!


Easter Egg Hunt at the Chiou’s house. I didn’t think Ethan would really understand the concept, but he actually got into it and even found a few eggs himself! I’m glad I decided to bring the tiny basket along for him!


Sammy looking for eggs!


Enjoying their first outdoor Easter Egg hunt (yes, for Sammy it was a first, too!)


Ethan was a little egg thief- he would walk up to other kids’ baskets and steal eggs without them realizing it!


Sammy got so excited about the candy, he shoved a bunch in his mouth and kept it in his cheeks like a hampster


Patrick took off into the woods with the big kids to find his eggs!


Lots of kids at the Easter Egg Hunt!


Ethan playing “king of the mountain”. He likes to climb onto the coffee table and push anything that is not his off!


Playing in a box


A very messy spaghetti experience!


He spent a couple days just walking around the house with the camera around his neck. He’s so silly!

And Some Pictures

April 3rd, 2009

Andrew requested pictures, so here are some from the past few weeks:


Port Townsend on a Saturday


Ethan always trying to get out of the stroller


Wearing Daddy’s sunglasses!


Boys throwing rocks in the water along a pebbly beach


Bunkers at Fort Flagger, which happens to be where I went on an overnight field trip my sophomore year of high school- brings back a TON of memories!


A trip on the Edmond/Kingston Ferry, which was HUGE! We got there close to before the ferry was suppose to leave and thought we might not get on, but we did with room to spare. I was amazed- it had a double deck for vehicles 🙂


Messy soft serve ice cream cone at Dairy Queen




Caught white handed… (it’s baking soda, which we were using to clean carpets…)


Ethan’s new pants that Mommy made for him!


Newborn pants for the new baby, using Selah’s “First Love” colorway


Sammy being silly on the potty


This picture would have been a lot less funny if he was actually able to reach the knife on the countertop. Note to me: no leaving knives on the counter top. Oh, and notice he put his blanket in the drawer, so his feet wouldn’t get hurt standing on the tuperware lids. Smart, smart, smart kid…. Every time he’s done this he’s always used the blanket!

Still Alive

April 3rd, 2009

Well, we’re mostly over the sickness that plagued our family the past couple weeks. The boys seem like they’re back to normal, but I still have a little bit of a cough left and some nasal congestion, however it is much much better. I don’t feel like I have my full energy back, however, which has been hard because I’ve had a strong urge to prepare the nursery.  I’ve been sorting through a ton of baby clothes lately and trying to remove those pesky protein stain from little outfits that will, in many cases, be put to use for the forth time. I also sorted through a couple boxes of baby girl clothes that I had slowly accumulated over the past few years. Anything that was even slightly used was placed in a bag to go to the Crisis Pregnancy Center and anything that still had tags was placed in another box, which will be stored away to either be saved for if we decide to have any more children and end up with a girl, or if one of my sisters or brother end up having a daughter. Right now I’m not totally opposed to having more kids, but I would definitely like to wait a while before we decide to add to the brood again. Four boys in the course of 4 1/2 years is a lot to handle, and I feel like it would be better for my body to get a break, and also for us to focus on raising our sons. Adoption is also another option we’ve considered- most likely from China, though I worry about things like cost and being able to accept an adopted child, especially one that we do not receive as a newborn, into the family as easily as a birth child. I know it’s possible and that a lot of people have done it, but it is still something that I think and worry about.

As far as the boys, Patrick is growing smarter in leaps and bounds. He’s showing a real interest in learning what words begin with which letters, and he’s starting to be able to identify simple words. I feel like I owe a lot of to the preschool he’s been attending. He’s also really expanded in his creativity, and loves to draw the most facinating things. He is very independent and loves to dress himself in the morning- I think Sunday mornings and special events are the only times when I ever pick out his clothes anymore.

Sammy continues to be the cuddlebug of the family. He loves soft things and gets very upset if any of his brothers so much as lays on his big bear or multiple blankies. He is beginning to become a lot more vocal lately, and his most commonly used phrases are “Patrick (or Ethie) hit me” and “Help me, mama!”. We are still working on him with the potty training- I haven’t been very pushy, and he knows what to do every time he sits down on the potty, but I haven’t been consistent in reminding him, and he has a lot of accidents. I am hoping that once the weather is a little nicer we can begin encouraging it more. It’s going to be hard for him to say good-bye to his diapers though- he really likes them 🙂

Ethan has been, well, probably our most challenging child yet. We’re realizing that he will be the daredevil of the family- he simply does not have any fear and he’s such a thrill seeker. At 17 months he is doing things that Sammy has never dreamed of doing- pulling out drawers and using them as step stools to reach things on the countertop, attempting to climb out of his high chair on many occasions, and climbing over furniture as if he were a monkey. I just know that the first major ER trip we ever have to do is going to involve this little guy. He is quite the demanding little guy, but he can be very sweet when he wants to be.

As for me, the business is going well. I am planning to close everything down on May 1st to start preparing for the baby, and I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do customs for them before I stop. It’s gotten to the point where I have been a little overwelmed and have started keeping a waiting list because I just don’t know how much I can handle these days. As much as I enjoy doing what I do, I really want to start working on getting things ready for the new baby. I have so much fabric and yarn that is dying to be made into all sorts of fun little things for this next little one, and the business feels like it’s dragging me down a little bit at the moment.

Andrew has been doing well, too. We had a little bit of a scare for a while that the work was drying up out here and we began to look into different options in CA, TX and a few other places. However, Andrew’s company approved a new contract yesterday and it looks like Andrew will be taking charge of it! This was definitely an answer to prayer- while we were not opposed to moving, we felt strongly that it would be the sort of thing where it was a last resort in the event that we simply could not get more work out here. I don’t think I would mind moving sometime in the future- I have to admit that the thought of moving to a warmer climate has been very appealing to me this winter, but for now I feel like we’re settled here and I wouldn’t want to uproot us just yet.

I cannot believe that Easter is coming up so soon. Tomorrow we will be going to an Easter egg hunt at the home of some friends. I feel like we really missed St. Patrick’s Day this year, since we never threw a party like we have in years past. Between the operation and the illness we had going around, however, it was impossible for us to do anything. We’ll just have to throw a huge party next year to make up for it 🙂 It’s also weird that we won’t be celebrating Easter with my parents, since they’re in Bangladesh (doing well, by the way, in case anyone was interested). I haven’t quite decided what we’ll do, but it will probably be a very small family dinner. I am lucky these days if I am able to get a full home-cooked meal on the table more than a couple times a week.

Well, in case I don’t write again until then, I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!