One Last Sales Pitch, I Promise :)

May 26th, 2010

So, this is really cool because I didn’t know I could do this, but if you want to order any Partylite online, I don’t have my website set up, but since a current consultant is going to be helping me set up my starter party, my party is listed under her website. So… sorry for bringing it up again, but if anyone is interested, you can visit this website, and to make an order tied to my party, on the main page near the top, if you could click on the link that asks you if it’s tied to a party, and list me, Sarah Flanagan from WA, as the host, it will credit my party. 100% of these sales will go directly to my starter kit and I need to raise a minimum of $350. That is all 🙂

Forgot to Mention…

May 25th, 2010

If you can’t make it to my Partylite party on June 3rd, my mom will be hosting a Saturday brunch in mid-June and my sister will be doing a Margarita party in July, so you’re more than welcome to attend any of those. Also, if you are out of town or out of state but are interested in purchasing any products, let me know and I can put in an order for you 🙂

Save the Date…

May 23rd, 2010

I am incredibly crazy because life is very busy right now with tee-ball, photography class, taking care of boys, working on the debut of my newborn diapers, etc, but…

I’ve decided to become a Partylite Consultant!!!!

I want this to be a fun thing for those that I touch, and I’m going to make it into a no-pressure sort of deal. I’m doing this for fun, not for money. I’m doing it because I love the products and I’ve loved all the Partylite parties that I’ve gone to. I’ve always enjoyed candles (to the extent that at one point in our marriage, Andrew cut me off from buying more!), and I have long thought that Partylite were some of the best. So, I’m taking the plunge. I have a little less than 60 days to host 6 parties, and I’m starting with a starter party on Thursday, June 3rd at 6 PM. All ladies who live in the area are invited. If you are unable to come but would like to look at a catalog, please let me know and I can get one for you. Also, tentatively I have venues for 4 parties, however I am still on the lookout for 2 more people willing to host a party for me. If you think that you might possibly be interested, I would be very grateful.

If you are planning to come, if you could please RSVP, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!!!

My Family

May 20th, 2010

Every year at Little Pilgrim Preschool, where my kids attend, they do a little survey at the end of the year for Family Appreciation Week. The survey is entitled, “My Parents”, and they ask the kids a few fun questions about their mom and dad. This is what responses we got this year (in bold):


My mom is 5 years old and my dad is 3 years old.
My mom is prettiest when she goes everywhere.
My dad likes to make cookies.
My mom always says “clean up your room”.
My dad is funny when he makes me upside down.


My mom is 99 years old, and my dad is 16 years old
My mom is prettiest when she goes to weddings.
My dad likes to make pancakes in the morning.
My mom always says “I love you”.
My dad is funny when he goes to Red Robin.

And, for fun, this was what Patrick’s responses were last year…

My mom is 8 years old, and my dad is 6 years old.
My mom is prettiest when she wears brown.
My dad likes to make beans.
My mom always says “clean up the toys”.
My dad is funny when he turns on the water and waters the flowers.

Just thought I’d share… I thought those were really cute. I was really looking forward to seeing the boys’ answers this year, and they gave me a good laugh 🙂

Our Busy Lives…

May 14th, 2010

May has been a really busy month for us. The boys have been busy with preschool, Patrick has been busy with tee ball, I’ve been busy with business-related stuff, and we’ve had a lot of random things to do here and there. I’m also doing a photography class with my mom on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks, and that’s been a blast. I am learning so much!

Liam has been eating solids for the past 3 1/2 weeks. I have been trying to push him to eat pureed baby food since he was about 5 1/2 months, and he never really seemed to like it. So, several weeks ago I gave him an animal cracker on a whim. He gobbled it down. Since then, I’ve realized that he doesn’t want baby food. He wants REAL food. So, he’s been eating a lot of rice, scrambled eggs, tender cooked meat, cheerios, potatoes, breads, and cooked veggies. This kid HATES fruit. I’ve tried apples, pears, strawberries, cantalope, watermelon, and bananas. Nope, he makes a big disgusted-looking face for every single one of those things. He’s a complex carbs sort of guy. He just makes me laugh.

I’ve been working pretty solidly lately on preparing for the debut of my newborn diapers. I’m currently in the process of making 60, alone with matching longies, blankets, teeshirts, and other things. I will hopefully be ready by June 14th. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. My goal is to do one debut-related task a day, although I guess I haven’t done anything yet for today. I will have to get working on that.

Patrick has really been enjoying tee ball. He’s doing really well. In fact, when I throw the ball at him, he is really good at hitting it. I think he’ll do great when he moves up to baseball. But, tee ball it is for now.

Sammy has been cute and cuddly, as always. I can’t believe he’s almost finished with his first year of preschool. He’s getting so big!

Ethan is starting to talk more. He still isn’t a very vocal child, but he is saying more words every week, which is a good thing.

Liam looks like he might want to start crawling soon. He’s sort of figured out the army crawl a little bit, but not quite there yet. He’s starting to want to MOVE.

I could probably go on and on about what we’re doing, but I’m actually in a hurry. We have a tee ball game tonight and I haven’t even started thinking about dinner. Oops. One of these days life will slow down again!