First Smiles Caught On Camera!

September 27th, 2006

My sister, Rachel, sent me an e-mail today telling me to post pictures of Sammy smiling. Little did she know that getting a picture of Sammy smiling is much easier said that done! For the past few weeks, every time he started smiling, Andrew or I would run to get the camera, only to have him stop smiling by the time we got there. Or we would have the camera ready, and struggle holding it at the right angle while trying desperately to get him to grin, and then try to snap the picture before the smile disappeared. Well, finally we were able to get a smile, and here it is!





What Patrick’s first smile on camera looked like!

The Sweetest Sound A Mommy Could Hear…

September 27th, 2006

I remember when I had Patrick, the first couple of months were quite difficult. It was hard having to feed him every three hours, day and night, and since he was a little premature, he needed extra attention and love. There were times when it seemed like it was a more of a chore than a joy to have a baby, and there were times when I seriously wondered why we even wanted one in the first place! But then he began to smile. And not long after that, he laughed for the first time. And it was the most wonderful little sound that I ever heard.

Well, today I was tickling Sammy on his tummy and he was smiling really big. He began to coo, and suddenly it broke out into a little laugh. It was so cute. After getting very little sleep last night, it was exactly what I needed to give me the energy to get through today. I really wish I could have recorded it. A baby’s first laugh is so special and something that I will never forget, for either of my sweet little boys.

Sammy Sees the Doctor

September 27th, 2006

On Monday I took Sammy to see a new pediatrician for his 2 month checkup. My decision to change doctors came from feeling not totally comfortable with his current doctor. In the same practice there is a different doctor who is a friend of my dad’s. He is also the person who introduced my family to Faith Presbyterian Church, so I knew that we would share similar beliefs. I don’t think other doctor was a Christian. I wasn’t disappointed with the change. I really enjoyed talking to doctor about how to share our faith with nonbelievers in simple ways. This doctor talked about how he drove a beater car in order to witness to people. How many people do you know who do that?

Sammy is doing well. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and 25th for height. He now weighs 11 lbs, 11 ounces! He’s growing so fast, and he is nice and plump. The doctor said he was a strong little baby. He’s been rolling over since he was about 5 weeks old! He also has very good head control. Unlike Patrick, he doesn’t mind having “tummy time”, and it is helping him build strength.

I was so proud of both Patrick and Sammy during the doctor’s visit. Patrick sat very quietly in a chair the entire time, playing nicely with a toy. He waved and said hello and goodbye to the nurse when she came in and out. Other than that, he hardly made a peep! I had stuffed my diaper bag full of things to keep him occupied, but I ended up not having to pull out anything. I was pretty impressed by how calm he was the entire time.

Sammy was also very good during the visit. He hardly fussed at all while the doctor poked and proded him. Later, when he got four shots, he cried for only about 30 seconds after the last shot, and then he stopped! He even started smiling a little bit as I put him back in his carseat. When Patrick was his age, he cried the whole way home after getting those same shots. I couldn’t believe how little he cried!!!

In all, I think that was the best visit to the doctor’s office yet!

Cute Pictures From This Week

September 22nd, 2006


Patrick likes the shiny red new tricycle that Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen and Cousin Carol Anne sent him as an early birthday present!!!


He likes it so much that it’s hard to get him to come inside once he’s on it!!!!


Patrick and Sammy having fun laying on the foldout couch, which we have out since we’ve been painting the master bedroom and bathroom and things are a mess up there!

A little more detail…

September 16th, 2006

… from the last picture. This is sort of funny.

To her credit, Sarah’s much more daring than I am. I had trouble even taking the picture.

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