Introducing Baby #5…

November 26th, 2010

After a little scare on Wednesday morning, I was able to get in to see my doctor that afternoon. We were able to see the baby with a strong heartbeat and measuring at 1 CM in diameter. He/she is so tiny!!!

We are very thankful for this new addition to our family 🙂

Happy November!

November 9th, 2010

I can’t believe we’re in November now. October went by way too quickly, and now I’m starting to plan for Thanksgiving. We’ve had a lot of things happen over the past month or so, and here’s a rundown.

1- We found out that we are expecting Baby #5 in July! July 13th to be exact, which happens to be the day that both my Feucht grandparents died, 10 years apart from each other. It’s also my sister-in-law’s birthday. Knowing the way my family likes to share birthdays and other events, I am thinking this baby might just come on his due date. If you do the math you will probably realize that I’m a day short of 5 weeks, and believe me, I normally don’t like to announce these things that early. However, my sister let the cat out of the bag! We would appreciate your prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

2- We added to our family through the adoption of a more prickly sort of baby. We got a new pet on Sunday- a baby hedgehog. She was born Sept. 26th and we’ve been on the waiting list since the spring to get her. The boys are very excited, although a little intimidated, by our new pet. The hedgehog is a GIRL and we have named her Prickles.

3- I’ve been having chest pain for the past week and they haven’t been able to find out what the cause of it is. They suspect stress, though I never got any definite answers. I went in on Friday to see my family practice doctor, where they took my pulse, blood pressure, O2 levels and gave me an EKG. Everything came back normal, so he sent me to a cardiologist. She took a look at me on Friday afternoon and said that everything looked normal, but wanted to run an echo to make sure. So, I went on Monday morning and everything came back normal. Since I’m pregnant they can’t do any other tests, and I thought it was getting better but today it came back worse again. So I’d appreciate prayers for that as well.

4- I’m planning to take a break from Sarah’s Baby Boutique. It has become pretty stressful, and I am trying to reduce my stress. I have been doing Zumba though, and that has been wonderful. I am really enjoying it. My instructors, Mandy and Kristyn, recently won the top fitness instructors award for Western WA for the second year in a row! They are really fun. They are also both Christians and have kids at preschool with Sam. Mandy’s older girls also attend Patrick’s elementary school.  I am also now doing MOPS at a local baptist church. They meet twice a month and it has become a real blessing already, even after only 4 meetings!

5- Boys are doing great. They have been keeping me busy. Patrick is learning how to read, Sammy is learning how to write his name, Ethan is learning how to talk, and Liam is so close to learning how to walk. They are all developing at their own pace, which is fine for me.

6- Patrick turned 6 on the 18th of October and Ethan turned 3 on the 1st of November. Patrick wasn’t picky about a birthday theme, but Ethan insisted on Elmo. I am not sure why Ethan is so interested in Elmo, but he absolutely loves the furry red monster!

7- After lots of drama, many company policy changes and a lot of stress, I have decided to leave PartyLite. The company was just not for me, even if I did like the products. So… I am now selling Scentsy and all the problems I had with PartyLite are gone. I am very happy with the switch. Scentsy primarily sells plug in electric warmers and wax melts, although they have some other fun stuff as well. All the boys, plus the new baby, will be getting a Scentsy buddy for Christmas. The lion goes to Liam!

So, that’s everything in a nutshell!