Hello, World! We’re Still Here!!!

March 21st, 2011

Well, things have been pretty busy in the Flanagan household. Here’s some quick updates on what we’ve been up to!

Andrew has had a new job for a little over a month now. Back in January he was laid off from his position with SAIC in Kent, but thankfully within two weeks he had landed a new position working for SAIC in Poulsbo. The commute has been a lot longer, but he has less traffic, the commute is pretty, and he gets to go over the Tacoma Narrow’s Bridge every time he goes to work. Right now it looks very likely that he’ll be able to start working from home two days a week, which will definitely make things a lot nicer all around.

Patrick has been pretty busy with Kindergarten. He is doing quite well- we just got his second report card last week and the teacher says he’s doing great. Patrick will be starting coach pitch baseball next week, and he couldn’t be more excited. We had the option to do coach pitch or another year of t-ball, but after seeing how well he was doing with hitting balls that we threw to him, I am confident that he’s going to do quite well this year in Little League. In his spare time, Patrick loves playing the Wii,  and he is much better than either of his parents.

Sammy is finishing up his first year of Pre-K and will be going back next year for a second year.  Although he will be old enough for Kindergarten, after speaking with his preschool teachers we felt like he would benefit from another year of preschool. Sammy loves preschool and has a lot of fun. He is a very friendly and curious boy, and has an infectious belly laugh. Sammy is very protective of his little brother, Liam, and always gets very upset whenever Liam gets hurt or in trouble by his parents.

Ethan is preparing to start preschool next year. He is almost completely potty trained (still having an accident or two at nighttime), and is starting to really build up his vocabulary. Ethan is a very sneaky child- he likes to wake up in the middle of the night and steal cheese from the fridge. He normally steals the string cheese, however one morning last week we woke up and found a bowl with the remains of shredded cheese in it. Ethan also likes to sneak into our room in the middle of the night and either sleep on top of or to the side of our bed. He’s a bright child, although he can be quite stubborn and a very big challenge at times. I am hoping that once he goes to Preschool he’ll break out of his shell a little bit 🙂

Liam is growing and developing more and more every day. He’s become a fairly confident walker, and recently has taken to climbing. The only problem is that while he has no trouble climbing up on the couch or the kitchen table, he doesn’t know how to get down, so he will get stuck and start screaming until someone lets him down. While he is still definitely a mama’s boy, he’s starting to warm up a lot towards his daddy and his grandma Feucht. I fear that he’s going to have a big shock in a few months from now when the new baby comes, though…

Things have been pretty busy with me. Still working through the shock of finding out that we’re having a baby girl. I’ve been doing a ton of knitting lately, and I’m also working on making a stash of newborn diapers for the baby. I will be 24 weeks tomorrow and it seems like there’s just not enough time for me to do everything that I’d like to do before July rolls around. I’ve made it a goal to do at least one thing a day to prepare for the baby, and that has been good. I am really looking forward to this summer!

One picture for now- The boys on St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Birthday, Flanagan Clan~

March 15th, 2011

I just realized that we’ve had this blog for 6 years now, since March 2005. Granted, I wasn’t doing much with it until the fall of ’05, but it’s amazing how quickly time has passed. When Andrew first set up this site we were still living in Falls Church, Virginia, in a two bedroom apartment with just one adorable little baby Patrick. We’ve definitely had quite a number of changes since those days!

Life has been pretty busy around here lately. We’ve had a lot of things going on recently and I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up this blog. Sorry for the lack of posting, and I hope that someday soon I will find more time to put into this blog again!