Update on the Bedrest Situation

October 26th, 2007

Things have been going pretty well here. The first two days after being on bedrest, Oma was able to take the boys and allow me to get some really good rest. Now the boys are back and things are a little more crazy around the house, but we’re surviving. The doctor didn’t put me on complete bed rest, so I’ve been able to do some light chores, like ironing while sitting down, and a little bit of cooking. I’ve had a few random contractions here and there, but nothing to be worried about. The baby has been as active as ever, and I’m constantly getting kicked in the ribs. Right now we’re just taking one day at a time… who knows how much longer until it’s really time for the baby to come. I’m still really hoping to keep him in until November comes, but everything is in God’s hands and we’re trusting His timing to be right.

Who’s Going to Win???

October 26th, 2007

With only a month left before my due date, but a very real possibility that the baby will be coming pretty soon, I’m going to post the guesses for our baby guessing contest.

Nov. 1, Girl, 5 lb, 4 oz- Aunt Linda Lucart
Nov. 1, Boy, 6 lb, 0 oz- Uncle Steve Chambers
Nov. 2, Girl, 5 lb, 9 oz- Rachel Feucht
Nov. 5, Girl, 6 lb, 5 oz- Kjerste Whaley
Nov. 6, Girl, 6 lb, 12 oz- Joanna Wright
Nov. 7, Boy, 6 lb, 5 oz- Alisa Weis
Nov. 8, Girl, 6 lb, 8 oz- Aunt Karen Chambers
Nov. 10, Girl, 6 lb, 0 oz- Alison Flanagan
Nov. 10, Boy, 5 lb, 6 oz- James Flanagan
Nov. 11, Girl, 5 lb, 11 oz- Oma Feucht
Nov. 12, Girl, 6 lb, 2 oz- Grandpa Flanagan
Nov. 13, Girl, 6 lb, 4 oz- Michelle Muretisch
Nov. 14, Boy, 11 lb, 5 oz- Jonathan Feucht
Nov. 15, Girl, 6 lb, 0 oz- Jennifer Steffen
Nov. 17, Girl, 6 lb, 9 oz- Diane Feucht
Nov. 18, Girl, 6 lb, 13 oz- Josh Fey
Nov. 19, Girl, 6 lb, 3 oz- The Depner Family
Nov. 19, Girl, 6 lb, 11 oz- Lori Fey
Nov. 19, Boy, 7 lb, 4 oz- Jan Fey
Nov. 19, Boy, 8 lb, 0 oz- David Feucht
Nov. 20, Boy, 7 lb, 2 oz- Alicia Gutierrez
Nov. 21, Boy, 8 lb, 7 oz- Rachel Arnold
Nov. 22, Girl, 6 lb, 14 oz- The Prugar Family
Nov. 22, Boy, 7 lb, 0 oz- Derek Whaley
Nov. 23, Boy, 6 lb, 10 oz- Kyle Fey

A Busy Day…

October 22nd, 2007

I’m not going to go into the full story, but some of you might have gotten word that I’m on bed rest. At 1 AM this morning I woke up with sporadic but painful contractions. We contacted my doctor, who had me come in to get checked. After noting that I was 50% effaced and 2-3 cm dilated, he wanted me to go to the hospital for observation. After being hooked up to monitors for an hour, they gave me a shot of some medicine to stop the contractions, and then I spent another 3 hours for further monitoring. The medicine managed to control the labor, and when they were satisfied that I wasn’t contracting further, they let me come home. However, for the next week I’ll be taking the medicine that they used to stop the contractions, and I’m on bed rest. No lifting, very limited stair climbing, no long periods of standing, etc. The doctor would like me to make it at least one more week (36 weeks), to give the baby a little more time to finish developing. Both Patrick and Sammy were born prematurely at 36 1/2 weeks with very little problems, so I’m hoping I can hold out until then. Anyways, everything appears to be fine now. My mom has the boys for the night, and this next week she and Andrew will be available to help me care for them.

All I can say is that I’m glad that I got most of the things ready for the baby so much ahead of time. I wasn’t able to get everything done that I would have liked, but for the most part everything is in order for this new little one to come.

Patrick’s Third Birthday!

October 20th, 2007

The past two days have been pretty busy in this household as we’ve celebrated Patrick’s third birthday. Here are some of the many, many pictures that were taken during this time!


Patrick woke up on Thursday morning to find Mommy had made him a birthday coffee cake, complete with candles, for breakfast!


Patrick opens his first present on the morning of his birthday. It’s something that Auntie Rachel would definitely appreciate!


And Diane would appreciate this one: this is what happens when I get a hold of lots of colorful things… I color arrange them!


The Monkey Cake!


Ready for the party!


Patrick entertains Sammy with his “blowout” (apparently, that’s what those things are called… sounds more like the word for a messy diaper to me!)


Uncle Jonny entertains the boys with his monkey mask!


Patrick enjoying his party


Sammy and Opa being goofy


Daddy and Patrick playing around


Blowing out the candles


Admiring the Ooh-Hoo cake


Yummy cake and ice cream!


Patrick very excited about his new Curious George alarm clock from Grandma and Grandpa Flanagan


What is in this large bag from Oma, Opa and Uncle Jonny???


Plastic bowling set!


Cars and motorcycles!


The most fun “toys” of all, though, are always the balloons!!!

My Little Man Is THREE!!!

October 18th, 2007

Exactly three years ago, on October 18th, 2004 at 4:07 PM, I gave birth to our first son, Patrick Thomas. He weighed 5 lb, 4 oz, and was 18 1/4 inches long. Three years later it’s hard to believe that Patrick was ever that small. Here are pictures from each of Patrick’s previous birthdays. It’s amazing to see how much he’s grown!!!


Patrick on the day of his birth


Patrick on his first birthday


Patrick on his second birthday


Patrick a few days before his third birthday!

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