Summer is finally here

June 25th, 2016

A late post — should have been on Monday.

Last Saturday we had our end-of-year party for the Dodgers (AAA Little League) team. A good time was had by all despite some spotty rain. We had some burgers and hotdogs, played a wiffle-ball game, and recognized all the kids’ accomplishments. Here are some of the Dodgers (and Ethan!)


This last week, summer is really kicking into gear. The plants are all looking great and things are growing. The chickens and bunnies are doing well and the house is looking good as things fill out.

vine on house

Last Thursday, I was able to go with Patrick to a field-day at Owen Beach with his class from school. We picked up trash on the beach, did a scavenger hunt and enjoyed some good food.

owen beach

Last night, we tried out a concert as part of the Highland Festival here in Puyallup. A little sparsely attended, but it was neat to get out.

highland festival

More next week!

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