Summer Wears On

July 19th, 2016

Lots of summer happenings. VBS programs for the kids, projects around the yard, and summer league baseball has all been happening.

We cleared some of the dead or dying trees (and a couple that were just in the way) this last week. Feels good to have a little more sun and space and a friend of ours can use quite a bit of the wood this winter for heating his house.

cutting down trees

Behind our property, the developer finally began clearing out all the trees to make way for a new community. A little sad to see all those beautiful old trees come down, but it looks like the lots will be really nice and it does add some light to the very dark/swampy part of our property.


And the chickens are finally producing! A little slow to start, but the eggs are coming. 🙂 We had one more late-bloomer rooster that started crowing (and we had to get rid of), and are now at a final count of 14 hens.


Fourth of July was celebrated over at our friends place with a bunch of their neighbors. Lots of fireworks and excitement and great food.

Sam missed it because he was sick, but we got to go to a Rainier’s game last weekend and they did fireworks after the game!


Summer League baseball continues to move forward. Andrew’s team is doing well and learning and growing. Sarah’s been busy with working through some pre-requisites for her education plans in the fall and also doing a LOT of running.

Lots of changes — some hard as Sarah and Andrew go through some difficult and stressful parts of their relationship. God is good and we are trusting in him.

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