An Update

September 14th, 2017

The last year has been pretty life-altering. I imagine that most readers of this blog will know, but Sarah filed for divorce in September of 2016. That finalized in February of 2017. We have split 50/50 (week on, week off) custody of the kids. I (Andrew) have kept the house and Sarah, now remarried to Ken Gill, lives in Graham, WA.

It’s certainly a bit different than I imagined.

There can always be a lot of hard feelings, regret, and “rewriting” of history after a divorce. I’ve decided to NOT alter anything on this site though. Many of the entries were written by Sarah and many are about us both. But going forward, I plan to be the only contributor to this blog. Although I don’t necessarily want to spend much time reading through old blog posts, it’s good to keep the posts — even if it’s just for the kids later in life to look back on.

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